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Conclusion By examining these notable features within the Malaysian law and constitution, one can understand better the reason behind the problems and issues that the country currently face. I explained that about a week earlier, when the Englishman was absent from the premises, the representative of one of the parties negotiating to purchase a parcel of shares visited the company.

Their role is that of a facilitator who helps the company work smoothly, efficiently, and within the boundaries of the law when carrying out a business transaction. Here are examples of business laws from Malaysia company law case study variety of legal scenarios.

I implemented proactive human resources and employment management systems that applied policy discipline to the application of best practice human resources policies and procedures. A few minutes later, the local Police telephoned to advise that, under the authority of the High Court, they were to assist the Englishman to return to the Company premises as Managing Director.

As he pulled up at traffic lights at a busy intersection, a motor cycle pulled up along side him and the pillion passenger fired two bullets into the solicitor at point blank range.

The government strictly prohibits members of other religions to convert Muslims, although there are no obstacles in proselytizing non-Muslims. Moreover, no major new customers were recruited during this period. The drivers, as they needed funds for living expenses, simply cannibalised the vehicles and sold the items on the black market to other companies who used the same make and model of prime mover.

Malaysian Constitutional Court Cases in English

The Malays would face the same kind discrimination that they gave out against the Chinese and Indians. The government considers all other ethnic groups as 'immigrants'.

Is there a valid enforceable contract between Chen and John? Any law student will vouch for the fact that such legal case studies are exciting and at the same time challenging. The effect of these constitutional provisions on Bumiputera rights in influencing political and social situation in Malaysia is essential in examining the strengths and flaws of constitutional government in Malaysia.

The appearance of the 'ChipsPlus' product was held to be strikingly similar to the 'ChipsMore' product, including similar colours, fonts and other aspects of the composition, which was indicative of misrepresentation.

The inter-racial conflicts had occurred in part because of the then economic disparity between the Chinese and Malay communities.

The increasing emphasis on Islam as the guideline for governing Malaysia is something that must be kept in check to avoid the overzealous elements within the government implementing unacceptable Islamic policy on a multi-religious society.

This issue have influenced the formulation of the Malaysian constitution during the pre-independence period. The multiracial population has no real sense unity and belonging to each other and no unified voice in keeping the government accountable.

The British Consul obviously believed him because a couple of weeks later, through the intervention of the British High Commission, the Englishman was released on bail.

I simply pointed out that the fuel company itself had permitted the previous management of Lori Malaysia to book up the substantial fuel bill of over one million ringgit on credit without any challenge whatsoever.

So we hired a private security firm to give us a measure of protection. Bankruptcy laws provide for reduction and elimination of dischargeable debts and can also provide timeline for the repayment of certain non-dischargeable debts. The court held that contracts entered into in an intoxicated condition and thus not in a condition to understand the terms of the contract and hence the contract cannot be enforced.

Tenancy laws govern the agreements between tenants and landlords for residential and commercial property. It is very surprising that the government ignored that fact that the Bumiputera provisions caused this problem in the first place.

In the recent past, he had been appointed Managing Director of a large public company that the Bank had placed in receivership. The Malaysian court holds a positivist view and conservative pragmatism.

The stability that Malaysia has so far, in spite of these discriminatory provisions and government policy, is due to the country's relatively sound economic status.

M Queensland Introduction Malaysia consists of a federation of fourteen states. They are not necessarily in reality qualified or competent to hold such positions.

This combination of mismanagement and corruption had led to massive financial losses and a consequent critical reduction in shareholder value. Give legal advice to Tillman. At the time, I was unaware that the Englishman had not disclosed this to the other directors.

After about 45 minutes, the solicitor director summoned me to the Boardroom. Despite this shortcoming, the majority members in the commission gave emphasis on three important principles of the constitution2. Obviously, Lori Malaysia itself could not generate such funds in such a short timeframe.

When the Supreme Court granted an injunction prohibiting the tribunal from hearing the misconduct allegations, five Supreme Court justices were suspended and three later removedand the injunction was overturned. The role of religion in Malaysia Article 3 1 of the Constitution states that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia.Corporate Governance Case Studies Edited by Mak Yuen Teen Volume two.

The Survival Case Study of Lori Malaysia Berhad

Corporate Governance Case Studies at NUS Business School to write a case study as part of their learning. I also Malaysia, Hong Kong, Oman, Philippines and Sri Lanka. In the case of Yenidje Tobacco Co Ltd 2 Cha company dissolution based upon the fact that the company was in reality a partnership, that deadlock between the partners is enough for dissolution, even though the business is prospering.

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Browse through Hitachi case studies to know how various companies leveraged Hitachi expertise to overcome their industrial and organizational challenges.

View case study; Group Company: Industrial Components &. What Is a Law Degree in Malaysia? The law degree required by those who wish to work as an attorney in the country is the LL.B.

It is necessary for individuals to complete this degree at an accredited school that is recognized by the Malaysia Bar Association. The Malayan Law Journal is a general series of law reports, providing reports of cases from the Federal Court, the Court of Appeal and High Courts.

Case Study 7 – Trade mark infringement / ’passing off’ case in Malaysia

The Malayan Law Journal [] consists of 11 volumes.

Malaysia company law case study
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